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Who are we?

Tango/04 Computing Group is one of the leading companies in the development of corporate monitoring software for Technology, Security and Business Control. 

The Company helps to maintain operational health in your processes, to improve service levels, to comply with security audits, to increase productivity and to reduce operational costs, by aligning IT departments with Business.

Its innovative concept of corporate monitoring is much faster to implement, with embedded knowledge and methodology, ensuring immediate results, providing real-time visibility across the company. This is possible thanks to Alignia, a product that helps businesses to run smoothly, without interruption, in a safe environment with full visibility. 

Tango/04 has an outstanding team of Professional Services, focused on helping customers and business partners to implement, maintain and make the monitoring solution evolve over time, ensuring maximum return on investment, real-time control extensibility and continuous improvement beyond the IT sector. This makes the difference and allows Tango/04’s approach to be the most successful and dynamic option available in corporate monitoring.

The Group

The Tango/04 Computing Group was founded in Barcelona in 1991. With offices in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, United States, France and Italy, the group operates globally through an extensive network of Business Partners and has customers on the five continents.

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Research & Development

The group is committed to technological innovation. From our R&D labs in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, our professionals bring their talent and enthusiasm to develop high quality software that successfully competes worldwide against multinational companies with clearly superior size and resources. We also have a highly qualified consultant team and a program of training and certification for our international representatives.
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