Extended Enterprise

Solve the challenges
posed to your company


The Extended Enterprise

Companies connect with customers, clients, Business Partners, suppliers and other external organizations to make critical Business transactions more efficient. These connections are increasingly computerized, automatic and system to system, they integrate with the Online Services and critical Processes of each company.

All these relationships form a complex network of entities, channels and functions called the Extended Enterprise, which is continuously growing and erasing the boundaries between organizations.

The Extended Enterprise concept involves increasing dependence on others and demands increasingly safe, immediate and uninterrupted transactions. But it also implies that failure points are no longer exclusive to the companies themselves, but extend to third parties. Day by day the complexity increases and the cause and prevention of problems become increasingly difficult to distinguish.

Given this, companies have invested a lot of money in solutions, obtaining very poor results. Although there are many useful tools, they are too technical, partial or complex, and even though they claim to be Business oriented, they are not. As a result, the perception of IT is not good, accentuating the gap in the company.

Are there any important clients or Business Partners affected? Are there any alternative channels available for the transaction? Is the service degraded by the response times of a third party? How quickly are problems resolved and the process resumed? Is your company’s critical information at risk? All seems well, but is the level of Business activity normal?

To solve the challenges of the Extended Enterprise, we have created Alignia.