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You have the experience of hundreds of projects from the greatest banks in the world, at your disposal.

All over the world, the financial sector is one of the most dynamic economy sectors. Increasingly, it faces the challenge of reducing time to process requests, increased user demands and high competition in the sector. They are also required to comply with regulations and they are constantly audited.

A bank should provide a pleasant experience in the interaction with customers, suppliers and business partners, both through its branches and online channels: web, phone, and mobile applications. In addition, processes such as issuing credit cards, or loans and other transactions need to operate without delay and must ensure the confidentiality of customer data. Any technological incident affecting Online Services, Business Processes and Information Security of a bank can affect the customer experience and harm the image of the company.

How does Alignia help hundreds of banks around the world?

Alignia provides a complete solution for banks and financial institutions, backed up by Tango/04’s experience in the sector. Each of its modules will help you satisfy all the needs that every bank and finance company must control.
Alignia for Online Business Services helps control online channels, to ensure the demands of it’s customers, monitoring the availability of the home-banking, other online portals, mobile applications, call-center applications, ATMs, B2B integrations with Business Partners or suppliers, and much more. Learn if the activity level of each channel is normal and also learn if the response time of the major business functions (such as inquiries, payments, refunds, transfers, contracts, purchase/sale of securities, etc.) is as expected.

Alignia for Business Processes can monitor complex processes in a simple way: dividing them into stages and establishing critical control points. Learn in real time if business processes, such as transfers SWIFT, SEPA, corporate payments, payroll, compensation, and others are running on time or not, if they there are bottlenecks and if the result of the process is as expected.

Alignia for Business Applications will help you to model and to monitor the infrastructure, the applications and the technology that supports both Online Services and Business Processes. With Alignia you may control servers, devices, databases, CRM applications, ERP applications, message queues, and even more, in just a few steps.

Alignia for Business Security will help to comply with data protection standards  (both internal and regulated) that flow through the Services and Business Processes of your company. It monitors in real time if security policies are being followed and notifies of any infringement or threatened infringement of them.

Through its 4 modules, Alignia helps banks to operate without interruption or delay, in a secure environment. Alignia:

  • Provides real-time indicators of the level of activity and user experience.
  • Reflects exactly how an incident impacts on Business.
  • Shows obstacles and delays in processes, and identifies which one is been affected.
  • Provides tools for sustained compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Establishes a process of continuous improvement, taking into account the Service Levels and common problems, to work proactively.
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"Accomplishment of Service Level Agreements were visible right from the start. The systems' average response time immediately plunged to half the maximum level established at our SLA."

Jimmy van Kerkvoorde | IT Manager

"Products from Tango/04 suit us so well that we cannot even imagine working without them! It is also very good that whenever we need their assistance, it is readily available."

K&H Bank

"With Tango/04, we have made a quantum leap in the quality of our business services."

Jordi Bueno | CIO
ING Nationale-Nederlanden

"Not only does Tango/04 monitor servers, it can also control business processes."

Peter Leeuwerink | Application Manager
International Card Services

"We monitor the entire process - from the initial card request until the delivery of the card to the client - including all internal processes and third parties involved. Without Tango/04 we would lose overview of these complex processes."

Peter Leeuwerink | Application Manager
International Card Services

"Enhanced response times and accomplishment of Service Level Agreements were visible right from the start."

Jimmy van Kerkvoorde | IT Manager

"It is easy to use it, has incredibly short deployment times, is more affordable and the know-how stays here in ING."

Jordi Bueno Molpeceres | CIO
ING Nationale-Nederlanden

"The implementation was very successful. It was done in the estimated time, without any problems whatsoever."

Jordi Bueno Molpeceres | CIO
ING Nationale-Nederlanden

"Tango/04 gave us visibility and proactivity."

Pierre Butin | Operations Architecture Manager
Zurich Financial Services

“Tango/04 is very easy to implement and use.”

Fabio Mahmoud | Technology Manager
Banco Votorantim

“A success. It helps a lot.”

Santiago González | Technology Manager
Mapfre Inversión

“Its simplicity impressed me.”

Javier Hugo Díaz | IT Administrator
Banco de la Pampa

“Very practical, immediate results.”

Javier Onores | Operations Manager
Tarjeta Naranja

“Innovative, it's going to make our work much easier.”

Pablo Pomar | In charge of Monitoring

“Fundamental in these times.”

Agustín Quintas | Security Administrator
The Winterbotham Trust Company

“A very complete suite.”

Andrés Welti | IT Administrator
Banco Itaú

"Your solutions cover CISO needs to perfection, taking care of gaps left by similar tools."

Jesús Jiménez | Director IT Risk & Security Management