Monitoring for Consumer
goods Companies

Control channels and processes

Total control of your online Sales Channels and Business Processes just like the world’s leading chains.

The increase in the number of customers that make their purchases through online channels, among the digitalization of the sales processes, order entries and stock tracking, forces Consumer Goods companies to provide a high quality service through all their channels: branches, call-center, and websites.

At the same time, just as Distribution and Logistic companies do, Consumer Goods stores must have total control of inventory management and goods delivery to customers. Processes for orders to suppliers, inventory and stock price updates, and delivery management, are especially critical for this kind of company.

In order to remain competitive, Consumer Goods companies must guarantee that their Business Processes flow with no losses or delays, that their online channels are always available, that customers are able to complete their transactions satisfactorily, and provide a quick response and a high quality service. Even when they involve third parties such as suppliers, business partners and others, to complete the transactions.

How Alignia helps Consumer Goods companies all over the world?

Alignia provides a comprehensive solution for Consumer Goods companies, supported by numerous implementations in well-known companies worldwide, such as Nike, Sligro and Random House Mondadori, among others. Each one of its modules will help you solve control needs faced by all companies in the industry:
Alignia for Online Business Services guarantees a satisfactory and fluid user experience for operations executed through online channels. The module monitors each one of the functionalities that can be done by different users through every channel, allowing for you to know the number of users connected (activity level), response time required for each navigation step (fluency), and if certain functionality is blocked or generating errors (availability). Likewise, all the external services involved are controlled, such as payment gateways, third-party stocks and others.

Alignia for Business Processes monitors in real time Business Processes such as orders to suppliers, stock and inventory management, preparation of shipment to customers, shipment to other recipients, and more. The module includes different indicators for each stage and real-time controls to detect errors in the output of a stage, delays and losses.

Alignia for Business Applications models and monitors the infrastructure that supports the Online Services and Business Processes, such as servers, devices, databases, CRM, ERP applications, messages, log files and much more. The module helps to insure a higher Business availability and continuity.

Alignia for Business Security allows you to insure your customer activity and keep the information confidential as it flows through your company’s services and processes, and also provides tools to comply with audits.

Through its 4 modules, Alignia helps Consumer Goods companies to operate with no interruptions or delays, in a safe environment. Alignia:

  • Provides real-time indicators about activity level and user experience.
  • Reflects exactly how an incident impacts on the Business.
  • Shows processes bottlenecks or delays, and who they are affecting.
  • Establishes a continuous improvement  process, analyzing Service Levels and the most frequent problems, to all work in a proactive way.

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