Monitoring for
Distribution and Logistics

Control the processes and online services
of the distribution chain

Control of logistics processes in real time.

In a completely globalized world, the business operations of distribution and logistics companies is based on certain critical processes, such as order fulfillment, inventory management, and billing, among others.

To restock stores and distribution centers, the logistics companies receive sales order data from their customers that can then be send to suppliers to provide the goods. These suppliers may be located in different countries with variable delivery times, for this reason, it is critical for the business to be aware of any incident that can affect their delivery schedule.

The offline operations performed to restock the warehouses, to fulfill and ship orders, are particularly critical for these types of companies. Picking the wrong items, running out of stock or a late delivery, may result in loss of customers.

How does Alignia help logistics companies all over the world?

Alignia provides a comprehensive solution to all Logistics and Distribution companies. Each of the modules will provide real-time visibility, improving risk management throughout the distribution supply chain: 
Alignia for Online Business Services control the channels, third parties connections and online functions such as EDI, email and eCommerce to meet the customers’ needs and to detect any delays or unavailability that could affect them. The module allows you to differentiate suppliers and critical customers, to give them privileged treatment against incidents, as well as configure thresholds for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that have been agreed to.

Alignia for Business Processes monitors in real time Business Processes such as orders fulfillment, distribution of goods, inventory management, etc. The module includes key indicators for each stage and technical controls to detect errors, delays or losses.

Alignia for Business Applications models and monitors the proper functioning of Business Applications that supports the logistics supply chain, such as inventory management systems, orders management, CRM, ERP, etc., and also the technology that is below them: servers, network devices, databases, and other components.

Alignia for Business Security helps protect your business operations and your customers from threats and incidents that may affect them. The module helps you to keep the information confidential as it flows through your company’s services and processes, and also provides tools to comply with audits. 

Through its modules, Alignia helps Distribution and Logistics companies to have full visibility of its operations in real-time. Alignia:

  • Provides real-time indicators about activity level and user experience.
  • Reflects exactly how an incident impacts on the Business.
  • Shows processes bottlenecks or delays, and who they are affecting.
  • Provides tools for sustained compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Establishes a continuous improvement process, analyzing Service Levels and the most frequent problems, to allow everyone to work in a proactive way.

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