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Control your company as world leading insurance companies do.

To stay competitive insurance companies need to provide good service through all channels: web, mobile, call center and branches. Your customers demand immediate access to information wherever they are, at all times. And before the administration of policies and claims, it is essential that the process flows without any data loss or delays, providing a quick response and a high quality service.

Furthermore, they not only operate directly but through aggregators or in association with banks offering their services, along with those of other insurance companies. To do this, they require system-to-system connections, which should always be available and provide the response within the agreed timeframe to carry out the transactions correctly. Breaching response times can lead to the loss of sales, the deterioration of the image of the company or the distrust of customers and business partners.

How does Alignia help hundreds of insurance companies around the world?

Alignia provides a complete solution for insurance companies backed up by many Tango/04 implementations in leading companies worldwide, such as: Reale, ING Nationale -Nederlanden, Helvetia, MAPFRE and Zurich, among others. Each of its modules will help you satisfy the need for control at every insurance company.
Alignia for Online Business Services helps insurance companies control their online channels, whether for final customers or business partners. It monitors the availability of all services for their users (clients, offices, call-center, agencies, brokers, aggregators and partners) in real time, through different channels (web, client-applications server, B2B, etc). It also monitors the specific activity of each one and the response times that are being obtained for each of the executed functions (sale of new policies, changes, claims tracking, etc.).

Alignia for Business Processes will help in processes management and night and monthly closures, sending receipts, issuing policies, product updates, and other complex processes. The module allows you to monitor your Business Processes easily, identifying the different steps that comprise them, establish points of control in each and detects if each step is successfully completed within the agreed time or if there are problems that may cause delays.

Alignia for Business Applications will help you to build and monitor the infrastructure, the applications and the technology that supports both Online Services and Business Processes. Control every server, device, database, CRM, ERP applications, message queues, and more, in just a few steps.

Alignia for Business Security will help ensure the confidentiality of medical, financial and tax data that flows through the services and business processes, while giving you the tools to meet agency regulations on confidentiality and data protection. When a security incident occurs, Alignia allows you to identify the impact over the different services, processes or channels, then you may identify the risks and prioritize their resolution. In addition, the module allows you to know in real-time whether your security policies are active or detect any violation thereof.

Through its 4 modules, Alignia helps insurance companies to provide a good quality service, assure the response time of their services and business processes, and keep your information secure. Alignia:

  • Provides real-time indicators of the level of activity and user experience.
  • Reflects exactly how an incident impacts on Business.
  • Shows bottlenecks and delays in processes, and identifies which one is been affected.
  • Provides tools for sustained compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Establishes a process of continuous improvement, taking into account the Service Levels and common problems, to work proactively.
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