for Retail Outlets

Maximum visibility of all
processes and online services

Full control of the supply and distribution of products, and more.

Retail store chains must perform key functions such as supplying stores, product distribution and the storage of goods, to ensure a quality service and a continuity of your Business.

For these companies it is essential to maintain a real time inventory which allows precise control of the quantities of products sold by store and the restocking needs of each one. Based on this inventory, the products from a store are received, removed or relocated, the purchase orders are managed and the warehouses and logistics centers are restocked.

All applications, Online Services and Business Processes that support these functions should be available at all times, so that retail chains can have control and visibility of their operations, avoiding delays and losses that directly affect the Business.

How does Alignia help the major retail chains around the world?

Alignia provides a comprehensive solution to the industry, allowing retail chains to increase operational efficiency and to have full control over their inventories.
Alignia for Online Business Services helps stores control inventory in real time. It monitors the status of the channels, such as client-server applications, web portals and mobile applications, and functions that can be run from the stores such as product search, sales, etc. It also allows you to differentiate those stores that have a higher volume of activity from the rest, to allow you to give priority treatment in case of an incident.

Alignia for Business Processes monitors in real time Business Processes such as orders to suppliers or the factory, stock and inventory management, preparation of shipment to stores, etc. The module includes different activity indicators for each stage and technical controls to detect errors, delays and losses.

Alignia for Business Applications models and monitors the proper functioning of applications that supports the Business (Business Applications), such as stock management systems, orders management, CRM, ERP, etc., also the technology that is below them (servers, devices, databases, application servers and much more).

Alignia for Business Security helps protect your business operations and your stores against threats and incidents, keeping the information confidential as it flows through your company’s services and processes, and also provides tools to comply with audits. 

Through its 4 modules, Alignia helps retail chains to provide quality management of your supply chain, ensure your Online Services and Business Processes response times, and maintain the control over your inventory. Alignia:

  • Provides real-time indicators about activity level and user experience.
  • Reflects exactly how an incident impacts on the Business.
  • Shows processes bottlenecks or delays, and who they are affecting.
  • Provides tools for sustained compliance with data protection regulations.
  • Establishes a continuous improvement process, analyzing Service Levels and the most frequent problems, to allow everyone to work in a proactive way.

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