Tango/04 is a private, independent company with an organic growth strategy, in which the Business grows with people and people with the Business. Here you will find some of the reasons that make us different.

Our philosophy

"Customer First"

We believe in what we do and we share the passion for the customer, this remains our top priority. Many of our reference customers give credit to the dedication with which we treat all our users. The testimonials and the different case studies, demonstrate the commitment and dedication with which we work.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our company and we look for these same values in all who are part of Tango/04:


The personality of Tango/04 members is identified with cordiality, passion, effort and fun. The commitment of those willing to grow in a company without boundaries, multicultural, diverse and international, continuously learning and progressing, has a high value to us.

Continuous Advancement

Tango/04 is a continuously growing company, which takes into account the opinion of its members. Each member of Tango/04 has the possibility to create and develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

Good Faith

Our corporate culture is governed by ethical principles, with a clear corporate mission of respect for the individual, the community and the environment. It is essential for us, that the persons working in Tango/04 act in good faith, transparency and commitment as promised.

Other Benefits

  • Excellent working environment

  • Internal promotion opportunities, promote training and skills development of each professional

  • Recreational and relaxing spaces

If you identify with the philosophy and values of our company, and want to contribute to its growth, then we would like to meet you. Send your resume and a brief cover letter to jobs@tango04.net.