Our concept

Embedded Knowledge +
Embedded How-to =
Immediate Results

Benefit from the experience and knowledge of hundreds of projects, all in a turnkey solution

Alignia provides a unique, flexible, pragmatic and fast monitoring concept, intended to provide extreme value:

Embedded Knowledge + Embedded How-to = Immediate Results

All the knowledge and expertise gained from hundreds of successful implementations worldwide, consolidated into a step-by-step method and embedded in Alignia to achieve immediate and totally effective results.

The best practices, pre-established controls, dashboards, reports, pre-configured alerts and ready-to-use functionalities are available without custom programming. It is no longer necessary to start your project with a blank slate! With Alignia, you will start and finish a very profitable project in only a few hours, not months.


A solution for everyone. There is no need to be an expert in monitoring, Alignia allows you to make very relevant projects of the highest quality, very fast to deploy and easy to maintain.