Service Providers

More visibility
for your business and your customers

In a complex, demanding and competitive environment, it is not enough to have the most powerful computers, the fastest communication network or the most integrated, flexible and innovative software of the industry.

Hardware should work satisfactorily, networks should be reliable, the software has to meet expectations, and at the same time, all critical and confidential information which flows in the IT environment should be safe and reliable.

That is the reason why Managed Services Providers (MSP) face several challenges:

  • Provide effective management.
  • Make your customers more productive.
  • Respond to the new service demands without raising the costs.

Meet Tango/04 solutions specially developed to meet the requirements and needs of the Managed Services Providers.

Solutions for Managed Services

With so many options to choose from, how will the IT director know which MSP is the most appropriate to meet his company’s needs? Expand your services! Make your business grow! 

  • Monitor all critical processes regarding operations, security and business from multiple platforms and operating systems of your customers in an agile way and in a single centralized solution. Extend your services with a flexible open architecture, which easily adapts to new customers’ needs. 
  • We offer an integral monitoring system that meets technical and business needs, helping you get closer to your customers and build stronger relationships.

All this will strengthen your company as a result of cost reductions, increased profitability and efficiency.

Meet Tango/04 solutions specially developed to meet the requirements and needs of this dynamic IT area that is rapidly growing.  

Our business-oriented approach understands exactly what executives are looking for: an IT partner who really understands the business and provides support to their systems accordingly. Our solutions will help you to grow. 

Benefits for Managed Services
  • Generate bigger profits offering new business oriented monitoring services
    Expand your offer of paid services and increase your income. By monitoring your clients’ business critical processes you will improve your operators’ efficiency to diagnose and solve complex problems. Increased visibility achieved through the monitoring of all business platforms, devices and critical processes in a single console will allow you to check at a glance whether each application or critical service is working correctly.
  • Stand out from other MSPs, enriching your offer with unique business service SLAs instead of just technical components.
    Tango/04 offers SLA operators real-time regulation compliance reports, which allow them to take corrective measures before it is too late.
  • Offer your customers operations, security and business monitoring, all in one integral solution
    With Tango/04, more platforms, more applications, more customers and more critical events can be monitored every day using a single centralized solution. Without Tango/04, various monitoring tools for each platform only produce silos and eliminate the possibility of having a comprehensive overview of the state of the business.
  • Increase your efficiency by updating and consolidating your monitoring methods.
    Tango/04 solutions allow you to increase control automation and the supervision of critical events in real time, 24x7. Thus, the IT team can prioritize and make decisions more rapidly, focusing on other areas that can generate a positive impact on your business’ profitability.
  • Offer your clients real competitive advantages.
    Tango/04 solutions have shown to be successful for hundreds of companies in different industries around the world. The improvements offered provide MSPs with a great opportunity to increase efficiency sell more services and improve their customers’ satisfaction.
  • Optimize your investment with solutions that are adjustable to your needs, once and for all! 
    MSPs are rapidly growing; they have more customers, more applications and more servers to control. With an open and scalable architecture, Tango/04 monitoring solutions can be continuously adapted to new and more complex client demands.