The comprehensive monitoring solution for the extended entreprise

Our products identify, alert, and solve problems on the critical Online Services and Business Processes, helping your business to run smoothly, without interruptions, in a safe environment with extreme visibility.


The Solution for the Extended Enterprise

Developed to solve the challenges of the Extended Enterprise, Alignia is a comprehensive monitoring solution, easy and rapid to implement, that gives immediate results helping companies to run smoothly, in a safe environment with extreme visibility.

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IBM i / iSeries

Meet our products to monitor your IBM i / iSeries

Tango/04 has expanded its support of other platforms solutions, but its initial platform has never been discarded: the IBM i / iSeries. IBM i / iSeries is becoming a more versatile, powerful platform capable of adapting to the applications that currently run on Windows, Unix or Linux. Tango/04 has five products developed specifically to monitor and control your IBM i / iSeries.

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Technological advantages

VISUAL Message Center

A powerful solution that centralizes events, controls and information, it provides immediate visibility and allows you to make advanced and custom configurations. Since its launch in 2001, VISUAL Message Center has been implemented by hundreds of customers from Tango/04 worldwide with great success.

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Technological innovations

Alignia and all Tango/04 products were designed using the most innovative technology developed by Tango/04. Our products are continually updated with the latest technology to meet market demands.

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