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The cure for an unaligniated world


Alignia: The cure for an unaligniated world

With Alignia, your Digital Transformation project is a piece of cake.

Alignia has been a key enabler for Nationale Nederlanden when they went fully digital. And for many other leading insurance, banking and logistics companies. Digital Service Management has never been this easy.


With Alignia, your processes run like clockwork.

Let us help you improve your business processes. Discover bottlenecks, technical problems, and all kinds of improvement opportunities. Alignia gives you the insight you need, in a matter of days. Did we say days? Yes.


With Alignia, your team looks like a team.

As your company grows in complexity and size, each department seems to grow in a different direction. But not anymore. Alignia makes everyone (including IT) work together to achieve the company’s objectives.


With Alignia, your customers don’t leave.

You can see what is going on with your strategic clients, your business partners, the different technological channels through which they are given service, and enjoy high-level visibility. In real time. 
And react immediately if anything is at risk. 


With Alignia, you finally have that missing layer of visibility. 

If IT has so many monitoring tools, how come none of them offers you proper data? Alignia was designed for that. No need to use complex Business Intelligence products that are not suited for this task and carry a high cost of implementation and maintenance. 


With Alignia, service quality and profits rise.

Alignia is the only product that allows a Continual Improvement of online services (such as online banking) and all business processes (logistics, credits, payments, insurance policies management, etc.) while controlling technological risks, so that business and IT can manage operations in a modern and agile way. 


With Alignia, excuses are over.

No more finger pointing among departments. Alignia identifies the actual status of each service including those of third parties and external suppliers, down to each specific business function.  Alignia also alerts you in real time to avoid gray areas where no one is responsible.  


Alignia takes you to the future, minus the turbulence.

The market evolves faster and faster. Automation, outsourcing, the Cloud and mobile economy, the virtual and extended enterprise, the increase of competition and fraud risks, turn yesterday's solutions into tomorrow's problems. Alignia prepares business operations for the future, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.  


With Alignia, not only answers. Better questions. 

Go from “where did these orders go?” to “where do we exactly need to invest to increase our customer satisfaction by X%?”. From “why is this thing down again?” to “if we are offering this kind of great service, we can charge a premium price, can't we?”. You get the idea.


Try Alignia today. Results in five days. Guaranteed.

Alignia is unique: it has embedded knowledge and a step-by-step methodology to make each project a Quick Win.  Take advantage of the expertise of hundreds of successful projects deployed in 37 countries. We guarantee you will see results within five days. And if we fail to meet your expectations, we will refund you the amount of licenses up to 90 days after the start of the project.

Join hundreds of happy customers, now.