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Tango/04 Computing Group started as an IBM i / iSeries monitoring software development company. Although the company later expanded its support of other platforms solutions, its initial platform has never been discarded.

IBM i Monitoring Taken to the Next Level

Enjoy our award-winning technology now integrated into Alignia, the revolution in corporate monitoring!  

With embedded knowledge and methodology, begin immediate monitoring of events, queues, subsystems, performance, etc. and modeling of custom or packaged applications (SAP, mysys, Eibs (Datapro), Fiserv, Jack Henry, Infor (ERP LX), Olympic, Bantotal, JDEdwards, WebSphere, MQ, HA, etc.) using templates in just a few clicks. 

  • Discover root causes of problems effortlessly.
  • Get reports on availability, SLAs and continuous improvement.
  • Check the impact on the Business Services platform and model complete processes, both technological (daily closing, monthly, etc.) and Business ... in a matter of hours! 
  • With Alignia, take control (and your career) to the next level.

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VISUAL Control Center
Get the Best Performance from your System i, Windows Systems and SNMP Servers

VISUAL Control Center is a series of integrated modules that speed up and control applications and the operating system, thus achieving better response times, more predictable performance and automatic management of resources.

All iSeries and Windows servers as well as Linux, Unix and AIX systems supporting SNMP can be simultaneously monitored with this tool. Prevent performance bottlenecks, analyze resources, support users and get informed on any system problems so you can keep all your applications running properly.

  • Make your iSeries and Windows servers run faster, get better response times and do more transactions per hour.
  • Control your servers to meet your business needs and manage users, subsystems, jobs and programs so that CPU power and memory are available where and when you need it.
  • Detect abusive users and programs, and monitor the system and end-user activity historically or in real time.
  • Increase availability, predictability and continuity of your business services.
  • Solve potential performance or application problems before they affect company operations.
  • Collect and monitor performance data in real time from a maximum of 999 iSeries, Windows, Linux, UNIX and AIX servers using any Windows PC.
VISUAL Control Center

VISUAL Support
Your Tool to Solve Problems for System i

VISUAL Support is a tool that shows all job-related environment information to allow for the quick resolution of problems.

  • Drastically reduce support costs.
  • Keep critical applications running.
  • View the current user screen up to the last key pressed.
  • See and edit internal job areas on the spot (LIBL, QTEMP, LDA, etc.).
  • Browse and search for system objects, applications, program structures and source members.
  • Collect all the necessary information to get support from external consultants, IBM, etc.
  • Remotely capture the keyboard (requires the VISUAL Remote Control add-on).
VISUAL Debugger for Windows
VISUAL Debugger for Windows
Essential for the Professional Programmer

VISUAL Debugger is a debug product for iSeries that simplifies data maintenance by revealing program structures, relationships between objects, record formats, remote source code and much more.

  • Save huge amounts of time and finish your projects faster.
  • Improve your comprehension of the most complex logic and master it quickly.
  • 'Browse' through your source code using convenient links.
  • Solve software problems right away and remotely.
  • Increase the availability of your applications.
VISUAL Support Pro
VISUAL Debugger 5250
Programming Becomes a Pleasure!

VISUAL Debugger 5250 allows you to program without any difficulties. If you need to develop, maintain or try RPG, CL, MI, COBOL, or CASE programs and want to be sure they are bug free, or if any old program suddenly stops working, VISUAL Debugger is what you need. It is a source-level interactive debugger that serves as support for batch and remote jobs.

  • Benefit from the command line compatible with SEU (TOP, BOTTOM, FIND...).
  • Use several programs in the same session, up to 10 simultaneously, RPGs, CLs, COBOLs, COBOL/SQLs...
  • Easily discover breakpoints set through reverse and highlighted video (for conditional ones).
  • Maximize your time with the context-sensitive cursor that enables you to see and modify variables and set or remove breakpoints.
VISUAL Debugger 5250
Tango/04 Data Monitor
Comply with SOX or Any Other Regulation on Data Auditing... and Avoid Fraud on DB2 UDB for IBM i / iSeries Databases

Tango/04 Data Monitor for IBM i / iSeries helps detect and solve security breaches affecting corporate data in real time by auditing all read, insert, update and delete transactions performed on specific records and fields from DB2 UDB for IBM i / iSeries databases.

  • Comply with the Organic Law of Personal Data Protection (LOPD), privacy protection specific regulations or other international (SOX) or sectorial rules (such as the Basel II accord for financial companies, CFR 21 for laboratories, HIPAA, PCI and Central Bank regulations).
  • Detect attempts to illegally or incorrectly access your data in real time, in order to prevent fraud and accidents.
  • Audit read access to specific records in IBM DB2 UDB databases for IBM i / iSeries, and easily acknowledge and demonstrate who and when sensitive information can be read.
  • Meet international security standards such as ISO 27002, and adapt to the recommendations of Security Management of ITIL, COBIT and other good practices of the industry.
Tango/04 Data Monitor
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