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for today and for the future

Since 1991, Tango/04 offers the market innovative monitoring solutions that have helped to develop highly successful projects in leading companies worldwide, making Tango/04 one of the leaders in the monitoring market. The important results obtained by these companies, are based on the great power of our products and our innovative technology.

In 2001, Tango/04 launched VISUAL Message Center a powerful monitoring solution that centralizes events, controls and information from different sources, and provides immediate visibility about what is happening at every moment. Since its launch, VISUAL Message Center was implemented by hundreds of customers from Tango/04 worldwide with great success, thanks to its flexibility, which allows advanced configurations just for your needs. So, many of our customers were able to expand their projects and make their implementations gain relevance.

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To take our customers further and faster, Tango/04 proposed to provide faster implementations, improve the maintainability of their projects and take advantage of all the knowledge gained from years of deployments worldwide. Thus, using VISUAL Message Center as the base an additional layer of functionality was developed, creating the most revolutionary product on the market to solve business monitoring: Alignia.

Alignia is a comprehensive solution that enables your business to operate smoothly, without interruption, in a safe environment and with extreme visibility. Based VISUAL Message Center technology, Alignia incorporates the knowledge and methodology of hundreds of monitoring projects, embedded in the product, providing immediate results.

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Alignia and all Tango/04 products were designed using the most advanced technology and providing innovations developed especially by Tango/04. Our products are continually updated to meet market demands, take advantage of the latest technology available and align with best practices.

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