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Tango/04 has been creating technologies, products and solutions since 1991. We are proud of the quality of our innovations that are the base of our products and help our clients go further, faster, in a safe environment and with extreme visibility.


ThunderCloud© 2: The most advanced architecture, for greater agility

The exclusive Tango/04 technology ThunderCloud, offers the most advanced architecture with Cloud support, which allows you to speed up the low level event processing and simplify its management through a modern interface accessible from any device.

The framework Thundercloud © 2 was designed by Tango/04 especially for the development of the new Alignia suite, ensuring the management of large volumes of data, unlimited scalability, and the quick and easy to read presentation of  information in your browser.

ThunderCloud© 2 RTSM Engine: Massive Data? Massive Scalability!

To provide agile, accurate, and proactive management services, a Model of Services is required. This model is the basis for event management, taking into account the appropriate prioritization, the impact analysis and the Continual Service Improvement. At the same time, it should provide a representation of services and their components, including dependency relationships at multiple levels and health status in real time.

For years, IT departments tried to model services with CMDB and they have failed because the CMDB was not oriented to the calculation of states in real time. IT analysts such as Gartner, began to minimize the role of the CMDB and coined the term "Real-Time Service Model" (RTSM). Tango/04 fully agrees with the recommendation, having created that technology in 2001, even before the term existed.

Thundercloud © 2 RTSM Engine has a highly scalable advanced architecture, which has a collection of great innovations to ensure an extremely fast handling of huge amounts of information. It allows you to handle the correlation of thousands of events per second on Service Models up to half a million components per node, supporting hundreds of simultaneous users with linear response times and minimum overload.

ThunderCloud 2 RTSM Engine:

  • Provides health states of the components.

  • Is multi-level and scalable, with unlimited levels and more than 500,000 components per node.

  • Is fast, processing millions of events and calculates the status of thousands of services in record time.

ThunderCloud© 2 UI Engine: Speed Meets Beauty

We live each day increasingly overloaded with information. All around us all the time we are consuming thousands of pieces of data without even noticing. And this information surrounds us through devices in all shapes and sizes. Computers, laptops, phones, tablets, televisions. Keeping that in mind, we designed the new Thundercloud 2 IU Engine, as the centerpiece of the display of all Alignia modules, in order to create an adaptive engine to any screen, with a minimalist avant-garde style that could represent relevant information in the fastest possible way.

To ensure the processing of the large amount of data and incidents that big companies handle, we design our own components of the Web user’s interface. Thus, our solutions have greater flexibility, consistency, ease of maintenance and speed. Our unique design makes each component perfect for the function for which it was created, with minimal overload. 

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