Visual Message Center

The monitoring foundation
from Tango/04

VISUAL Message Center: The monitoring foundation from Tango/04

VISUAL Message Center is an extremely powerful monitoring solution developed by Tango/04, with hundreds of customers worldwide. The solution centralizes events, controls and information from different sources and it offers immediate visibility of what is happening at any given moment, identifying any situation that may be affecting the critical activities of the company; reacting proactively and providing you an ongoing improvement and process quality.

VISUAL Message Center architecture

VISUAL Message Center was designed and developed to offer maximum ease of use, implementation and administration. Its layered architecture and its division into modules make it extremely flexible and scalable, enabling its adaptation to complex and bulky Environments. The product is composed of the following layers:

Collection Layer: ThinkServer 

The collection of events for VISUAL Message Center is based almost entirely on agentless technology, which allows you to control complex and heterogeneous infrastructures, and integrate different sources of information in a non-intrusive way, without installing agents or modules. Consequently, it provides an easy deployment and management.

Centralization and Processing: SmartConsole

The powerful SmartConsole allows you to centralize and correlate complex events and store them in a tamper proof database, which keeps them safe and available at all times. Its advanced functions of monitoring, automation, alert, scaling, customization and visualization, facilitate the management of multiple systems, applications, business processes, networks, devices and other components.

Presentation: Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards, is a powerful module which allows you to generate dashboards that reflect the information collected in graphs, charts and business views, with quick and detailed insight, it is easy to understand, and it is designed to help you make critical decisions in seconds.

Reports’ advanced reporting system enables the instant creation of historical reports on Service Level Agreements (SLAs), security, regulatory compliance, user activity, use of systems, and much more. Its clear and intuitive design gives you incomparable ease of use.

The evolution of VISUAL Message Center: Alignia

Since its launch, VISUAL Message Center was implemented by hundreds of Tango/04 customers worldwide with great success, thanks to its flexibility, which allows making advanced configurations just for your needs. So, many of our customers were able to expand their projects and make their implementations gain relevance. 

To take our customers further faster, Tango/04 was asked to provide faster implementations, improve the maintainability of their projects and take advantage of all the knowledge gained from years of deployments worldwide. Thus, VISUAL Message Center has evolved into the most revolutionary product on the market to solve business monitoring: Alignia​.

Alignia is a comprehensive solution that enables your business to operate smoothly, without interruption, in a safe environment and with extreme visibility. Alignia incorporates the knowledge and methodology of hundreds of monitoring projects, and it includes all that you need, step-by-step, for having a faster and safe implementation. 

Alignia is the natural evolution of Tango/04. The product keeps the technological foundation of VISUAL Message Center, but allows you to have more visibility, and it is very fast to implement and much easier to maintain. Alignia was designed to coexist with VISUAL Message Center deployments, so we ensure its operation and future support, at the same time that it takes advantage of the monitoring solutions our customers have already configured.

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