Code-free Business Process Automation

AutoMate is a powerful automation platform with the flexibility to automate almost any repeated business process. No technical expertise is required—IT managers and accountants alike will find AutoMate’s drag-and-drop interface to be simple and intuitive. Learn more in our video: 

What can you do with AutoMate?

We all have repetitive, time-consuming tasks that take control of our day, making it impossible to find time for the things that really matter. AutoMate takes this manual work out of your hands, intelligently following multiple steps in a workflow. For example, an email attachment arriving might trigger AutoMate to begin a process. AutoMate scrapes the data from the attachment, adds it to an Excel report, and sends the report to stakeholders. No scripting was required to set up the process, and no manual intervention was needed to complete it. 

Some of the most popular uses of AutoMate are:

Managed File Transfer

Reliably automate file transfers and other file actions like encryption and compression. > See more

User Provisioning

Take the pain out of your employee onboarding processes. > See more

Application Integration

Automate disparate business-critical applications from a central location. > See more

Terminal Emulation

Automate tasks on any system in your enterprise. > See more

Report Generation

Compile, manipulate, and distribute reports without any manual work. > See more

SharePoint Process

Code-free automation of all your SharePoint workflows. > See more

Data Extraction

Easily scrape data from websites, emails PDFs, and other unstructured sources. > See more

Data Transfer

Synchronize and augment your ETL and EDI processes. > See more